Orchestrated the Brand Transition from Fujitsu to Ricoh in the Document Scanning Sector, Maintaining Market Leadership.


As part of the rebranding transition from Fujitsu to Ricoh, I took on the crucial role of reassuring our customer base about the consistent quality and reliability they’ve come to expect. Conducting a thorough competitor’s audit, I provided a creative brief, recommendations, and standards, as well as suggested direction for the brand’s future.

Leveraging these insights, I spearheaded an awareness campaign to communicate the new name and maintain confidence in the brand’s industry-leading performance.


Sr. Director of UX

UX Designer

UI Designer




Competitive Audit

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Navigating the transition from Fujitsu to Ricoh Document Scanners presented a complex challenge: retaining customer loyalty and trust while unveiling a new brand identity.


I led a robust awareness campaign that was sensitive to the brand’s past and future.
By leveraging Ricoh’s own merits and technological prowess, I ensured that the core values and high performance that customers associated with Fujitsu were communicated as continuing cornerstones in the Ricoh era.

Shopping Experience Brief

I carried out an in-depth competitor’s audit to gauge our standing in the market. This audit included a comprehensive creative brief, strategic recommendations, and a snapshot of competitors and industry standards.

Based on these insights, I then formulated a suggested direction to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

User Experience Design: Responsive

In the UX Design phase for Ricoh, I focused on crafting a user-friendly experience that maintained the brand’s trusted reliability and performance.

Live Action Video

In crafting our campaign, I dialed up the drama to spotlight a “tempest in a teapot”—a simple name change. My live-action video is essentially a matryoshka doll of commercials; it’s a spectacle within a spectacle.

Here, our star actress and the audience simultaneously come to the comedic realization that we’ve set a minor tweak against a backdrop of ludicrously grandiose theatrics.

Behind the scenes

Final Video

User Interface Design: Responsive

In the UI Design phase for Ricoh’s transition campaign, I drew upon the company’s new branding guidelines to create a cohesive user interface for our digital platforms.

This seamlessly integrated design served not only as a natural extension of the rebranded Ricoh identity but also as a complementary visual element to our live-action motion graphics video and overall campaign strategy.