Diving Deep, Coming Up Clear: Navigating the Data Abyss with Scuba’s Revamped UX/UI


I spearheaded the digital evolution of Hill’s to Home, Colgate’s premier pet food delivery service. From overhauling the creative team to establishing a globally embraced design language, my role was nothing short of a makeover maven. Within six months, I climbed the ranks from Lead Designer to Head of Design, shaking up the status quo.

I assembled a dream team of creatives, crafted seamless systems for global workflows, and initiated rhythm in project deliveries, which soon became a template for excellence across Colgate’s departments. Recognized as a Global Brand Ambassador for Hill’s to Home, I’ve worked closely with business and leadership to architect the future of vet-recommended pet care.


Head of Design

UX Designer

UI Designer

Product Manager





Information Architecture

User Research

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Hill’s to Home was grappling with three key challenges: the absence of a unified global design language, outdated Pet Parent and Vet Portals, and the need for a futuristic approach to veterinary recommendations and prescriptions.


I came on board and immediately hit the ‘refresh’ button. Not just content with a seat at the table, I redesigned it. First on the agenda was restructuring the creative team, followed by importing top-tier talent. I then orchestrated a unified design system that became the gold standard across multiple Colgate departments.
Simultaneously, I championed the revamp of the existing portals and laid the groundwork for the future-facing Vet 2.0 portal.

User Experience Design

In the UX phase, we started by clarifying the information architecture that connects the Vet Portal 2.0 with the Pet Parent experience.

A comprehensive UX audit of the existing Vet journey laid the groundwork. Armed with those insights, we redesigned the wireframes to transform the Vet 2.0 clinic experience.

User Interface Design: Responsive

Drawing from the Hills to Home Pro design system I pioneered, I crafted various user interface elements for distinct properties—Pet Parent, Vet Portal, and Clinic Portal.

Consistency was the watchword, ensuring a seamless look and feel across these interconnected platforms.