Revolutionizing Cision: Turning Data Dumps into Treasure Troves


When Fortune 100 companies started to treat Cision’s platform like yesterday’s news, it was time to step in and rewrite the headlines. Charged with the mission to reinvigorate Cision’s user experience, I set out to transform its aging software into a dynamic, data-rich wonderland. Drawing on machine learning and AI, I turned clunky interfaces into intuitive dashboards, and static reports into actionable insights.

The end result? A platform so user-friendly it practically curates itself, and a customer base so pleased they’re making their own positive press about Cision.


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User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Cision had a dilemma that no amount of PR magic could fix: an antiquated platform that was driving away their A-list clientele. A user experience so cumbersome, even the most steadfast clients were tempted to pull the plug.


I engineered a new chapter for Cision, focused on intuitiveness and impact. By leveraging machine learning and AI, I redefined how users interact with data, making their PR planning as targeted as a tabloid expose. This next-gen platform didn’t just retain our Fortune 100 customers; it made them evangelists for the brand new, data-smart Cision.

User Experience Design

Navigating through the intricate challenges of Cision’s pre-existing system, our goal was to laser-focus on user-friendliness and streamlined utility.

The spotlight was on carving out an intuitive, efficient user journey that would not only retain but amplify Cision’s robust feature set.

User Interface Design: Responsive

Blending updated UX with Cision’s brand identity was a tightrope walk. Our mission? Maintain brand consistency while streamlining the interface. We stripped away the non-essentials to craft a familiar yet fresh experience.

The outcome: A user-friendly digital space that welcomes both new and existing customers without diluting the brand’s essence.