Designed a User-Friendly, Data-Driven Mobile App for British Petroleum to Empower Global Gas Station Owners.


British Petroleum sought to revolutionize the way gas station owners manage their businesses by introducing a global mobile app. Designed to provide invaluable insights such as optimal gas pricing, peak traffic times, revenue projections, and customer demographics, the app aimed to empower owners with data-driven decision-making tools.

My role was to craft an intuitive user experience and a sleek interface design, ensuring ease of use and functionality across both iOS and Android platforms.


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User Interface Design


The central challenge lay in synthesizing an array of complex data analytics into a user-friendly mobile app interface. The app needed to serve a diverse demographic of gas station owners worldwide, each with varying levels of technological proficiency.
This interface had to not only display complex analytics in an understandable way but also ensure that the app remained accessible and practical for a global audience.


Drawing from a robust user experience (UX) framework, I designed an intuitive, easy-to-navigate app interface that simplified complex analytics without compromising on functionality. A series of wireframes and prototypes were rigorously tested to ensure accessibility across different skill levels.
The result was a seamless user experience unified by a clean, streamlined UI, enabling gas station owners to effortlessly tap into the power of data analytics, regardless of their location or technological know-how.

User Experience Design: Responsive

In the UX Design phase for BP, I meticulously crafted the blueprint for the app’s success.

Here, my focus was squarely on ensuring the app operated in a user-friendly manner, empowering station owners with actionable insights to run their businesses effectively.

User Interface Design: Responsive

In the UI Design stage for BP, I leveraged the company’s existing branding to construct a cohesive user interface.

This not only serves as a natural extension of the BP brand but also aligns seamlessly with their broader marketing and branding initiatives.