Leading Apple University’s Digital Facelift: Where Art Meets Sophistication


I spearheaded the redesign of Apple University’s campaign, taking the helm on the information architecture, responsive website, and email initiatives. By conducting a thorough analysis of user behavior and needs, I blended Apple’s iconic visuals with a touch of art and sophistication to engage executive employees.

The revamp covered everything from the information architecture to a responsive website and an e-mail campaign that elegantly nudged executives toward essential training.


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Information Architecture

User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Apple faced a unique issue where executive employees were overlooking the vital training necessary for seamless integration into Apple’s ecosystem.


I tackled this by revamping Apple University’s digital platforms, introducing a blend of the brand’s classic aesthetic with elements of art and sophistication.
The newly designed responsive website and targeted email campaign served as compelling reminders for executives to complete their required training, thereby achieving a smoother transition for them within Apple.

User Experience Design

In the UX design phase, I meticulously curated a user-friendly experience that aligns seamlessly with Apple’s established UX patterns. Whether it was the lesson pages, landing pages, or responsive and email templates, my primary focus was on delivering an intuitive and consistent user journey.

By doing so, we ensured that the experience felt like a natural extension of the Apple ecosystem, making it inviting and straightforward for executives to engage with their required training.

User Interface Design: 1st round of Mockups

In the initial round of UI design mockups, we took a comprehensive approach, incorporating actual content to give Apple a full spectrum view of potential aesthetics. This stage served as a visual playground where we strategically deployed colors, imagery, graphics, and typography.

The aim was to provide a rich palette of options that Apple could intuitively engage with and choose from.

User Interface Design: Illustrative exploration

After Apple’s feedback favoring abstract, inclusive designs over people-centric photography, the path was set: explore illustrations. Guided by Apple’s preference for light and sophisticated aesthetics, we tested three illustration styles in our second round of mockups.

The chosen winner? A Bauhaus-inspired design that hit all the right notes.

Illustrative style: Abstract

Illustrative style: Texture/Pattern

Illustrative style: Line art

Illustrative style: Shapes

User Interface Design: 2nd round of Mockups

In response to Apple’s feedback, I assembled a second round of mockups, offering varied design directions.

Ultimately, the Bauhaus style emerged as the standout choice.

User Interface Design: Landing Page Web and Mobile

User Interface Design: E-mail Campaign

User Interface Design: Lesson Pages

User Interface Design: Bauhaus Style

User Interface Design: Line Art